Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Aloha '08

It's 10:04 PST and I have just wrapped up my packing... and by "my" and mean myself and the kids... I give them lists of what needs to be in their bags, but I have to double check EvaJun as last December we arrived in NYC to 30+ degree weather and a suitcase suspiciously lacking in turtlenecks... turns out those pesky ribbed shirts of warmth were "taking up too much room" and were removed by her small and sly hands in order to accommodate a tiara and 2 Barbies.

I am sure I have once again over packed... every year I promise to stuff nothing more than a bathing suit and some SPF in a backpack, yet, without fail, I end up planning for every possible island situation... I suppose it's self preservation as in years past, when I attempted to pare down the ridiculous number or ensembles, I would step off the plane only to be informed by my mother that we were attending a benefit at Iolani Palace that very evening and I needed to be dressed in all white.

Hitting Macy's 35 minutes into my holiday is not my idea of a good start.

I am prepared.  For fundraisers, luaus, birthday parties and cocktails.  I am ready for the beach, possible horseback riding, morning hikes (HA!) and lazy afternoons... 

So, Aloha.  We're off... Hugh will join us in a week and we'll be back at the end of August... but I plan on posting here and over at Mamarazzi... because I think you would be sad to miss out of stories like this...


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip! I hope this time Eva was able to slip in both her casual and competition tiaras.

Chrissie said...

Wow, a whole month in Hawaii. I am green with envy...have a fabulous trip.

furiousBall said...

i go NOWHERE without my tiara


Shelley said...

Fortunately EJ's bathing suits don't take up much space so there's gotta be room for them AND her tiaras.

Mahalo, my friend. Enjoy your time away. And say 'hi' to your Mom.



Anonymous said...

Happy travels, love! Wish I could join you. A month in Hawaii sounds totally divvy. xxoo

Joannah said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! I'd love to know what part of the island you guys go to - now that I know Oahu I can visualize your fabulous locale! Sigh... I love Hawaii!!!

Have a safe and fun time.

Issas Crazy World said...

Oh I'm jealous. Our vacation is next week and we're staying home. yea to be me.

Do something for me okay? Watch the waves and drink a fruity drink for me, K?

Have a blast!

Amy Y said...

Have a fruity drink for me, too, and say hi to the Makua if you're in Honolulu! :)

I really think it would have been nice of you to sneak me in somewhere in one of those suitcases. I know I'm heavier than normal, but I'm easy to get along with.



Have fun!!

carrie said...

OMG, have fun! And just say "no" to the saran wrap! :)

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Recovering Wino said...

Are you going to be in Oahu mid August? We're going to be there for a week sans kids. Would you like to meet up for lunch or dinner? We will be in ko olina.

Marisa said...

On your way to Hawaii? It must be August!

Have a great time and ALOHA!

'kmum said...

Have a great trip. My mum leaves on Sunday for 2 weeks in Hawaii. I am left home to cry.

Kristin said...

Jen - email me and give me your contact info... we're here until the end of August, so I am sure we can meet up!