Thursday, December 30, 2004

About Me

Because you are curious.

Or, maybe just bored.

In any case, I am Kristin.

My last name can be found in my URL.

This was going to be an anonymous blog.

Clearly anonymity required too much of the clever and didn't allow for enough of the cocktails.

I am the mother of 3 children.

Two boys and a girl.

Usually 2 are being delightful and 1 is being a pill.

I never get all 3 in a good mood at the same time...

2 ruined my body and 1 gained me many frequent flyer miles.

But it's all irrelevant because they are my children and I love the spit out of them.

Except for when I Google "Boarding Schools".

I thought I wanted to be the mother of 4 children.

A second adoption is what this blog was going to be about.

But then I realized that I wouldn't be a very good mother to 4 children.

But I am a pretty good mother to 3.

So this blog became about whatever is on my mind. Or whatever is nearby. Or whatever is shiny.

It depends.

I have one husband.

He is usually wonderful.

Sometimes, however, I think about poking him in the ribs with my elbows.

And I often kick him in the shins when he snores.

Other than that, I hug and kiss on him a lot and that makes him very happy.

We've been married for 1200 12 years.

I do not know the date of my anniversary.

It's either the 25th or the 27th of May.

I have made IRL (in real life) friends though this blog.

But very few of my IRL friends know about it.

Although my entire family does.

Hi, family!

I also write a review blog (which sometimes leads to fun things like cars and travel) and I also enjoy pointing out the ridiculous so often found in celebrity parenting over at Mamarazzi.

In my spare time (read - when I am not online, because that is when Mama is "working") I enjoy buying sweaters for my chihuahua, reading Nigella Lawson cookbooks, shopping at Target, drinking overpriced lattes with my girlfriends, planning vacations, changing my hair color and daydreaming about Jake Ryan.