Monday, November 29, 2004


Dear German Cosmopolitan,

Maybe Mamarazzi has been hitting the egg nog a little too frequently, but who the hell is this?

Apparently it's Angelina Jolie?

We don't see it. You've photoshopped the Jolie right out of her.

It's time to stop the madness, or should we say, stoppen Sie die Verr├╝cktheit!




Alex said...

If by saying "Photoshopped the Jolie right out of her" you are meaning "Photoshopped the skank out of her" I tend to agree. :)She still has that bitchy look about her, though.

Kristin said...

But am I crazy or does this just look nothing like her? I thought is was a model who simply resembled her... maybe it's just a real old picture?

Flutterby said...

Well usually they are photoshopping stuff off of them... but it looks to me like they added... she's not nearly as bony ass looking as she usually is. She looks like she actually chewed AND swallowed the last peanut butter sandwich someone gave her.

Kristin said...

Maybe that's what it is... she is human size.

But again, and I am well aware I am beating a dead horse here, I didn't know it was Angelina.

Jen on the Edge said...

She looks like just any generic model on the cover of a magazine. She definitely doesn't have that Jolie-ness about her.

Cindy and Co. said...

I have to kick Kristens dead horse here. Wow...nothing like her at all. And I like the bitch. I still had to look again after I read it was her. Kinda creepy really.

LemonySarah said...

Although I don't read German, I think the cover says something about the cover model being from Mars...

I think the cover model looks like an ancient Betsy McCall paper doll - she's illustrated and her weirdly black hair is clipped on with two paper tabs.

And the face? They took some local woman's face and Photoshopped a Kissing Fish's face on top.