Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Comments Closed

Because the last damn thing anyone wants/needs to do is comment on a comment, the post below is a a reply to this:

Anonymous said... What does your husband do for a living? You make mention of so many things that are related to spending and have revealed so many other things -- just wondering if you are a trust fund baby or couple, won the lottery or if husband is a CEO for a major company ? Just curious... 11:40 AM

Now, many things came to mind when I read this comment. The first being, "Fuck You and your little dog too." I emailed this person and this person to get their input and they both came up with new and amusing names for people who say snarky shit without being ballsy enough to sign their name. Though couched in a polite, "Just Curious", it seems to me that a truly polite person wouldn't anonymously ask how a person scrapes the cash together for groceries.

Especially when I am fairly certain that this was the same person who sent the email which prompted this post. Lord, people, site meter! Times, cities, servers... I may not know your name, but I've read enough Nancy Drew to narrow down the possibilities of who you are.

I want to say that we have made all our money in porn or sweatshops or off the war in Iraq, but I don't really feel flip about this situation. I feel as though this is my blog and I'll post about what I want when I want to and if I don't answer your questions, ask me nicely and I will share information with you.

If you think I spend a lot of time talking about, "things related to spending" you must have missed this post and this one and surely this one too. I have been through a lot of shit in my life, Anonymous. Did you have open heart surgery when your children were 4 and 6? Did your 2 month old baby have open heart surgery? Did you have a miscarriage that was so bad you almost bled to death and had to spend 6 days in the CCU? Do you have a daughter that you love more than life itself but know will suffer greatly when old enough to confront her past? Do you not understand that no one gets off scot-free and life doles crap up to everyone.

We may or may not have some disposable income and if we do, what the fuck is it to you? Does it make me more or less likeable? A better writer? Will you add it to your list of why I suck? Would it be more than one person deserves? Would it be ok because I have truly suffered?

It sucks that you, Anonymous, have gotten under my skin. I feel your judging and I am reading what I write with a new awareness... censoring for you, the person I don't know.