Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Posting Mania

Twice in one day... can you stand it?

Tomorrow is Eva's baptism... it is only tomorrow because the priest at our parish got tired of seeing me and my heathen child at every turn and he finally said, "Kristin, we'll baptize her on Jan. 4th at the all school mass." Fine. Excellent. Easy. It is amazing to me how, if you stand around long enough, someone will come along and help sort you out. Sooooo, big day for the Diva tomorrow and you know what a big day means don't you? New Shoes. Big Day = New Shoes. It is a rule and you can look it up if you don't believe me. Eva's new shoes cost forty million dollars because they are handstitched by blind cats or something... they are totally appropriate for a 2 year old. HAHAHAHA!

Here is the problem... you weren't actually thinking that there wasn't going to be one did you? The outfit that I bought to go with the really cute and fucking expensive shoes does not fit. Let me say that again in case you are reading too fast: outfit doesn't fit.

The baptism is tomorrow. The clothes don't fit today. Do you know what this means? Yes, this means she will be baptized wearing the white nose-picking dress.


Jodie said...

Ha! Well at least the "nose-picking dress" is a cute nose-picking dress! Maybe all the focus will be on her fabulous shoes! :)

Nicki said...

So sad we will miss the show, umm baptism, but I somehow think puking Audrey might steal all of the attention with her oh so rancid smell, hair plastered to her face, raging fever and intermittent moaning. We'll leave our beauty and germs to ourselves today. Love and germ-free kisses to EvaJun today no matter her attire. I do expect photos of the shoes with your next post (oh, the outfit too!) :)