Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Cute Day

Let me just first mention that as soon as I begin to type I lose all my festive font options. This means I cannot put things in bold, italics, or use any other means of EMPHASIS except for CAPITAL letters. Sort of bugs me... anyone know what I am supposed to do??

In other news... today was the baptism of Miss Eva the Diva and let me tell you... it was the sweetest little ceremony you have ever seen.

She did not, BTW, wear the nose-picking dress, rather she wore this lovely little number. She did not wear this lovely little number with the jeans and long sleeve tee... that was just because I forgot to take a photo of her in full regalia and had to throw the dress back on so that all of you could take a gander. The dress is from tres posh Monsoon (see, I would ordinarily put Monsoon in italics) in London and was a gift from my girlfriend's mother (mum) and let's just all agree that those damn Brits (Scots actually) have great style!

She also did not wear kicky Agatha Ruiz de la Prada shoes because they did not go with posh Monsoon dress... so overpriced London garb was worn with nine dollar Target mary-jane.

The baptism was cuter than cute... cute enough to melt the heart of my dear friend and known slight heathen, Christy. The Diva has people that love her so much that even those who DO NOT BELIEVE in the politics of the Church will cross their fingers and toes and enter a sanctuary just to celebrate her sacrament to a God that they don't really do business with. Now, to me, that is more spiritual and blessed than just about anything.

Our parish priest, LOVES Eva and did he not have the ENTIRE school applaud her not 2 but 3 times?! Can you stand it? Then, he gave a cute speech and told us that they (the congregation full of attractive and healthy and lucky school children) were the fortunate ones to have been able to be a part of the Diva's special day... how good is life in the OC?

And all this despite the fact that I slammed a media cart into a wall up at the new parish center and took out a palm sized piece of plaster.

*** I almost forgot!

The Diva is also luckier than lucky because she has the most gorgeous ever godparents. Uncle John and Aunt Becky drove down today from a beach town not too far from ours... but Aunt Becky is 9 months pregnant and I am sure that many of you out there remember just how fun those last few weeks are... you just feel light as a feather, don't you?!

However, Aunt Becky is carrying that little parasite, my soon to be darling niece Sydney, like a charming belly accessory, but I am selfish and want her to deliver SOON so that I can take a good look at the first ever GIRL CHILD born into my husband's family!

And, as if having super-hot godparents isn't enough, my mom flew here from HAWAII to be with the Diva on her baptismal day... how is that for the spirit of Aloha?

Well, I keep updating because I keep forgetting things, but USC is getting their Trojan butts whipped and so I must go and comfort dear alum-Hugh (here is hoping we don't have any money riding on the point spread).

I should say, "FIGHT ON", but that is really lame.


Jodie said...

Sounds like an awesome Baptism day for Eva!!--and for you, with all your friends and family being there. The dress is gorgeous, and Eva looks like a princess!(Jeans, t-shirt, and all!) Congratulations!

SuperHotGodmother said...

Okay...I had to leave a comment on this one. Not sure if you said it because you knew we'd read it or what, but I dig the "superhot godparents" comment. NEVER been considered superhot before, especially in the state I'm in...but I'll take it! We loved Eva's ceremony and even got my heathen husband to consider Catholic school for Syd Vicious, as she's referred to in our casa. Thanks for the shout out in your blog!

Nicki said...

So sorry we missed it but puker was down for the count all day. It was so quiet in my house I almost didn't know what to do until Will woke up 30 seconds later...never did get to scrapping. Is this really how to say it? It sounds very dorky, or is it that it is really dorky and I can't admit it? Hope to be in good health and spirits to visit with Tori (mom) and family this weekend. Cheers and Peace and Fight On!

crouching mother hidden diva said...

So happy to see the little darling get her stripes -- poor Christy was shaking in her boots. Shall we surprise her with a re-baptism intervention?

Collene said...

For me it always comes down to the shoes?

Gotta' say, have the Target Mary Janes and love! Our little (Chinese) ladybug can put those on and take them off herself so needless to say, whether they go with an outfit or not, they are usually her shoe of choice!

Kristen My Dear, are those diamond earrings on Diva? When did you pierce? If anything Gianna will be doing clip ons like the Mom E. Person! ;o)

Keep on bloggin' lade E.

Wendy said...

Very cute! It sounds like you all had a great day.