Friday, February 27, 2009

In Which I Realize It's Been A Month Since I Last Posted...

Is there anything more annoying than a blogger who doesn't blog? Well, probably... traffic, Hosea from Top Chef and being out of French Vanilla creamer are things that immediately come to mind, ... however, for the intents and purposes of this conversation, I call myself out as annoying.

So, this past month... I have nothing to say other than I am pretty sure I have developed adult onset ADD and it is completely the fault of the children. Blame the children! I have had to think for extra people for 12 years now... that doesn't leave a lot of room for the brain power to remember to do things like oh, say, pay traffic tickets, pick up the dry cleaning (it's been 2 weeks now... Hugh has been reduced to wearing those one off gifts... like the pink dress shirt I gave him a year ago while in the midst of a Donald Trump moment.) or, you know, blog.

Scientific research backs me up. My father and his wife have good friends who are both doctors. They also have a world class sculpture collection and have just finished rewiring, with the aid of a book, their entire house. They have no children. The point? If I didn't have children I too would have room in my brain for medical school, art assimilation and DIY efforts of gigantic proportions... but, I am too busy remembering things like: black jeans in the backpack for Jake and email iTunes for new authorization code for Jack and don't forget the damn Hello Kitty stickers for Eva and omg... Jones is getting fussy about food and don't kid yourself that he will tolerate such crap as kibble.

My head has it's "Occupado" sign lit.

And that's why I forget to blog.

But, I am remembering right now and so blog I shall.

I've been sick. For a month and let's face it, that is annoying to everyone. Even the animals are over me.

We spent ski week in SF... which was delightful and all you San Franciscans should wake up every morning excited and feeling lucky... you have twisty steep streets and cable cars (don't tell me they're just for tourists - I believe you ride them everywhere) and Alcatraz and everything is just so fabuloso that there is a part of me which is pretty certain it's all in my head and maybe I spent last week in a coma after being hit in the head with my kitchen cabinet for the 100th time and dreamed the whole thing.

It's a thought. Yes? No?

Never mind. SF is real and we had a real swell time.

Also, I seem to have said, "Yes" when asked to host a fundraiser (bringing back the possibility of a head injury sustained from aggressive upper kitchen cabinet contact) and while I was at least coherent enough to con a friend into hosting with me, it still remains a Thorn In Our Collective Side. Hugh has realized that this whole operation is going to put him in the poor house and although I try to soften the blow of having to have trees trimmed and carpets cleaned by reminding him we are stimulating the economy, he isn't falling for it.

Which is something I always do and apparently my mother did as did her mother so that seems to be my family legacy - Accept and Regret.

Although, if I'm being honest, and why not be honest, I always enjoy myself the night of... it's just the hysterical panic of PERFECTION which screws with my head.

But, it should be a lovely evening. We're having Mexican food. Would you like to come? There will be mas tequila.

The school wants $350 a child to "secure" their places for next year but I think that is kind of bullsh*t, so I haven't given them a check... in this economic climate I feel I have the upper hand as I am still stupid enough to be paying for their education when we have top rated public schools in our neighborhood. That they could ride the bus to...

It used to be about wanting the Catholic education but let's face it, I'm pretty over that...our experience has been such a let down and hello, The CHURCH is sort of a let down and while I am strong on faith I am weak on the Church and we're sort of church shopping right now... it's the kind of shopping which leads to sleeping in on Sundays and then going out for breakfast.

And that's where things stand... Adult ADD, San Francisco, sick, school fees and fundraisers and possible head trauma.

Was hardly worth the time it took you to read it, no? My apologies... don't judge me!


Jen on the Edge said...

Welcome back. Do we get to see photos from SF?

Recovering Wino said...

On behalf of all Christians, I'm sorry about the church thing. It seems to be a common disappointment among many. I promise you there is a strong group of leaders looking at these issues and what it means to be THE Church. Just so you know there are a few decent ones out there:)

furiousBall said...

who is this? oh wait... you're that tiny footed one

Kristin said...

Jen - I have some photos on my FB page... you just have to scroll down a bit to see them.

J. - It's hard... that's for certain.

Van - Don't kid yourself, these tiny feet can wreak havoc!

Anonymous said...

You're too funny about "Accept and Regret". I do that too and then I also end up having a good time and being happy with my choice!

Los said...

I loved SF when we were there ... we also went to Napa, which probably helped.

Pollyanna said...

I HATE SF. I really do. And I don't ever want to go to Hawaii. What IS wrong with me?

Oh and welcome back. :)

LemonySarah said...

Yet despite it all, you've been awing me on Mamarazzi. Bad times are good for the snark.

I don't like SF much either but LOVE Monterrey. Carmel's nice, too.

You have tiny feet? So you get the awesomest shoes on sale?

Is your cough better?

So glad you're back. I do love your blog.

jennie said...

while I'm glad you're back, when you weren't writing I felt like I was in good company and felt less guilty for not writing either. So, thanks a lot. Now I have get moving, too.

Hosea. Honestly, how could he have won.

Anonymous said...

Totally worth the time. In fact, you left me wanting for more. I love you. No need to thank me for stalking by. he he

dgm said...

Yay, you're back!

Oooh, I love SF. I used to live there, and I must confess the only time I ever rode the cable car was when guests visited and begged. Otherwise it was Muni, BART & cabs. BUT! I did wake up every day thinking "another day in paradise." It's not for everyone, but I love the City.

Don't even ask what we had to pay to reserve our kids' spots in school next year (oy!) And yet, it is so worth it because we love, love, love our kids' school. (It's private but non-religious, very small, and surprisingly free of politics so far.)