Thursday, January 22, 2009

Grace in Small Things - Day 2 of 344 - The Practical Grace

Today, I bring you the 5 things that have helped me survive almost 2 consecutive weeks of sick children.

1. Children's Tylenol (grape flavor only)

2. Facebook

3. my Dyson

4. the library

5. cherry Chapstick


Jen on the Edge said...

For me, the list would be cherry Tylenol, Google Reader, Method cleaning products, the library, and good chocolate.

Sorry the kidlets have been sick.

Crouching Mother Hidden Diva said...

Day 2

1. Vodka
2. Gossip Girl
3. Coffee with soy
4. Lazy dogs
5. String cheese

furiousBall said...

i like crouching mother's list, actually mostly #1

MissMeliss said...

1. m asam hand lotion
2. cool mist humidifier
3. potty (less diapers)
4. Zycam
5. Mia's cute pink boots (just 'cause she likes them so much)


Anonymous said...

1. Sobriety

2. A Higher Power

3. Support

4. Meetings

5. Coffee

Kristin said...

Jen - Method products are the best!

Jenn - Lazy dogs are superior to sneaky-off-to-the-corner dogs.

Van -Vodka is one of the things we like best about our Jenn.

Miss Meliss - Yea, for the potty!

Anon - Good for you!

Amy Y said...

Two weeks! Ugh! Hope everyone's back to normal now...

Los said...

I am a Facebook machine nowadays ... I can't get enough of it.

Kristin said...

Uh, Los... don't you think you should add me as a FB friend, Bro?

Anonymous said...

Everyday I am grateful for red wine and cigarettes.

Pollyanna said...

2 weeks of sick kids is TOO much. You poor dear! Anything that helps a Mom keep her sanity is a win in my book.

Brandy said...

My list would be... bubble gum Tylenol (she hates all things grape), my blogroll and my DVR.