Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cindy Crawford Is 42

Today I realized that I am a mere 7 months away from turning 40 and while one's only options seem to be aging or death (if anyone knows of a Plan C I'd love to hear it) it still gives a person pause to realize that 40 is looming and hovering and behaving basically the way 40 does which is vaguely threatening.

Back off 40. You're not here for another 200 days or so and I have things to do before you make your grand appearance... you know, some self improvement.


For example, Baby Weight. The baby is 5 and I didn't actually give birth to her so to claim baby weight is a bit of a fat lie... get it fat lie! Oh, old I may be but still, holding strong to the clever.

Or not so much.

In any case, this all came about because of a conversation I had with my mother which basically went along the lines of how when things come very easy for a person sometimes it is quite hard for said person to actually work at anything when the time comes... which I translate to: Crap. Baby Weight.

But, this isn't a woe is me I am fat and old post (although, wow, how delightful!) but more along the lines of 40. Is. COMING.

Get thy shit together.

Part 2 of Armageddon is J.O.B..

(Which I know I have complained/moaned/worried about ad nauseum and I am too lazy to link you to those posts of whiny yore.)

But, this isn't a woe is me I need a job post either.

Because I don't want any old job. I want to write. WRITE and although I think I actually write quite badly with little regard for the beauty of grammar, I have put it out to the universe (Do you hear me, Secret?) and so it shall be.

Look at me... writing. I am making my dreams come true at this very moment!

The final push before 40 would be to love myself a little more.

So, it's out there - less weight, more work, and LOVE.

You'll help me, right?

**edited to add: It's not turning 40 per se that I dislike, rather it's turning 40 and not having my act together that worries me... I plan to rock these next years and I'd rather do it with only one chin.


"MissMeliss" said...

You GO GIRL!!! :)


Anonymous said...

40 is nothing. 45, now that was a toughie.

Get your game face on Woman, this is your year!

Anonymous said...

i'm with you too, as my 40 comes about 60 days before yours.

my dream job is developing, as is yours. i would love myself more without this huge "blocked pore" on my face, so i guess it is time to get real about the baby weight.

is she really 42? i always thought she was so much older than we are!

welcome back. i miss smiling while i read your blog and drink my first cup of coffee at ungodly hours of the morning, although now i have fb....


Jill said...

Those are awesome things to focus on. And I'm not turning 40 this year (though I'm not far from it), but they are all on my list in one way or another too, so yes I'll help. But I think I might need more help considering I just had a martini with a cheeseburger chaser for dinner. Mmmmmm... and no my Christmas tree is not yet put away. I'm still waiting for you to get here!

p.s. My word verifcation code is "stings" which is kind of awesome because who doesn't want more Stings (but Sting from a couple years ago, not caveman Sting from the Golden Globes. I'm waiting for the Mamas of Razzi to tackle that one.)

Mrs. G. said...

I loved 40 and 41 is just fine too.

Jen on the Edge said...

My 40 is three months before yours and my list is the same as yours. Are we twins?

Kristin said...

Melissa - !!!

Anon - I hope you're right!

Nicki - We could help each other tomorrow by not ordering anything with syrup or whipped cream!

Jill - honey, your whole year just needs to be about getting that tree down... if you leave it up a few more weeks it can become your "issue". ;-)

Mrs. G. - that's #3 right there!

Jen - Can I be Seraphina?

Joannah said...

Forty is really no big deal. You'll make your peace with it like the rest of us had to. I only wish I were younger so that I might have better fertility. Other than that, my forties are off to a good start. I wish the same for you!

Gracencameronsmomy said...

I say all the time that I am still tryig to loose that "adoption weight" It was worse than the giving birth wieght! and didn't you hear? 40 is the new 30...

Pollyanna said...

YES! I will help too. I am turning 39 in March & dreading 40 like nobody's business. I would like to do all the things you listed as well. Except for finding a j.o.b. I already have one that keeps me hopping and I can't hop much faster thankyouverymuch.

AND lots of my old high school friends are finding me via facebook. And can I say that they look REALLY old? And I know they can't be MY classmates 'cuz I don't look that old! Geez. Maybe I am from the class of '98 and not '88. :)

Kristin said...

Joannah - My 20s and 30s have been a blur... I guess I just want to go into my 40s focused and more inward-looking.

Lisa - I know... I lost while waiting and gained that first year home!

Jodi - Class of '98... yeah, I'm um, class of '97 ;-)

Anonymous said...

I still say you + Meems - trapped in your back room = bestseller!
xo, Becky

Catholic Runner said...

I had baby weight that then turned to toddler weight which is now tween weight. I think that's pushing it. I hope I can lose it right along side you.

dgm said...

Yes, yes, we'll all help :-)

And the forties? Awesome. I've been living in the forties for about five years and trust me, it's better than the alternative.

It's all about your state of mind.

Anonymous said...

You're so lovely. I have no doubt in my mind that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Go for it, babe.

PIPO said...

Feel the love, sista.

Fourty was easy..seriously. Remember, it's the new 20 - or is that 30? Whatever, it is not bad.

Now, that baby fat?? I've gained an obscene amount during this paper pregnancy. I have got to get my act together on that front. I don't recognize the fluff'n stuff. Dayum!

Kristin said...

Bex - Do you think either Meems or myself have the strength to survive such an endeavor... I mean, is there enough vodka in the world to delve that deeply into the past?

Cath. Runner - damn tweens!

DGM - you're my neighbor for goodness sake... you have to help me!

Nino - xx

Pipo - if I had to wait 3 years for my baby I would have gained as well... as it was, I only packed it on when we came home and began the year known as, "Kristin Is Never Out of Eva's Sight".

Anonymous said...

I love your photo. So pretty. Like model. Or cheerleader.

Perrin said...

Ahh yes, I'm on my downward 7 month slide to 40 as well. Gotta love a summer of '69 love baby right?

So, we gotta manup a wee bit drop a few minor lbs. and write to our heart's content.

I'm planning on getting a massage at the end of all that, you too?

Los said...

I'm still in my mid 30's, I guess ... 36 is still mid-30's, right?

carrie said...

40 is when you finally get to grow up, right?

I am looking forward to that.

Anonymous said...

40 felt good! Ceratinly not as bad as I thought it would be. Of course I am looking at Plastic surgery ad's more and more these days. luckily we don't live in so cal or I'd have already taken steps! Love your blog! Cathy

Jason, as himself said...

I will be 40 in exactly 14 days.

You're younger than me, and you look FABULOUS.

Amy Y said...

For what it's worth, I've heard nothing but good things about the 40's. And you are the hottest 39 year old I have seen ... at least in the head shot there :)