Tuesday, November 18, 2008

12 Things I Like About You

Hold onto your hats Internet, my oldest child, Jake, is 12 today.


In honor of my firstborn's birthday, I give you... 12 Things You Wanted To Know About Jake But Were Afraid To Ask.

1. Jake's due date was December 7 (Pearl Harbor Day) but the little darling showed up early.

2. The child has curly hair and long eyelashes... he would have a been a beautiful girl but is an even more handsome boy.

3. He hated to be put down... he also hated strollers, slings, baby bjorns, and bouncy seats.

4. After his first day of pre-school he came home and told me all about the "Big Snap" (complete with attempted snapping motion) which, it turns out, meant the "Big Bang".

5. He used to call firetrucks "fireshoes".

6. He's been surfing since he was 4.

7. Which means he is pretty good.

8. Jake takes after me in that he is an avid and voracious reader. He takes after Hugh with his love of watches, fishing and 80's movies.

9. Everyone calls him, "Jake Fast".

10. Except us. We usually call him, "Dale".

11. The child loves to travel. He is trying to figure out a career that will jet him all over the world... pro surfer? Pilot? International Man of Mystery?

12. He has a kind heart, a quick wit and gives the best hugs. He is my firstborn and I love him.



PIPO said...

Happy Birthday, Jake.

Gotta love a kid who doesn't make mama wait all the way to that due date. No day of infamy for him.

dgm said...

Happy Birthday, Jake Fast!

Ava's family said...

Happy B-day, Jake! My B-day was yesterday....All the cool people are born in November!

Crouching Mother Hidden Diva said...

"Ode to Jakey Fast"

You are the Yin to Wyatt's Yang,
As I see you two grow, my heart feels a pang.
Your jokes are funny and full of wit,
Promise me your good looks and smarts won't turn you into a twit.
Remember us little people when you accept the Noble Prize,
We'll be the one with the pride and love in our eyes!

Happy Birthday, Jakey Fast!

Kayce said...

Happy Birthday Jake!!! Enjoy being 12!

Becky said...

aww he's so stinkin cute!

Shelley said...

I love that he knows at 12 that he wants a career traveling. I was not nearly that together at 12.

Happy Birthday Jake!

furiousBall said...

Happy Birthday Jake!

Michelle said...

Happy, happy birthday Jake!

I hope you day is extra special.

P.S. You are quite handsome. I'll bet you have to fight the girls off with a stick :)

Michelle said...

Of course I meant "your" day.

I'm off to look up an online typing class.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to everyone!

What a handsome fellow. Should we start brokering an arranged marriage between our first-born children? We would have ourselves some gorgeous and wicked smart grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jake! I can't believe how the time has flown by. I hope you have an amazing day.

Your Fairy Godmother
Aunt Nicki

Amy Y said...

Happy Birthday to that handsome lil devil!

I just have to ask... why Dale?

Issas Crazy World said...

Happy birthday Jake! Dang Kristen, what were you when you had him? 17? ;)

Maya was born on pearl harbor day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

JuJu said...

Happy Birthday, Jake! Hope it's spectacular!

November 18 was my due date with my oldest - she'll be 13 on the 22nd. Who also, by the way, said, "WHO is THAT?" as I was reading this post. Which, in teenspeak, is "He's CUTE!"

Tori said...

Hey Dale

Happy b'day from the Harem up the hill...

You know who we are!

(if our really stupid last name you want to know,
Count the kisses down below...)


Anonymous said...

I hereby declare our first born children betrothed. They'd make a damned cute couple and just think! We'd be family (for real). Done and done.

Happy Birthday to my future son-in-law. ha ha ha

And a Happy 12th Mothering Anniversary to you. Love you!

Gracencameronsmomy said...

Happy Birthday, Jake!!

LemonySarah said...

Happy Birthday, Jake!

BTW, my firstborn was also due on December 7. After months of threatening to arrive early, we had to induce labor on December 13.

Word verification: tab-boing!

Los said...

I think the Big Snap is a better name, personally ... the other name sounds too much like a "naughty thing adults do."

Happy birthday, Jake!

carrie said...

Awesome kid, all around.

Happy Birthday Big Kahuna!

Joe said...


jennie said...

happy birthday jake!

nothing like birthday wishes from an older mid-western woman to make turning twelve complete.

Kristie said...

Happy Birthday Jake Fast! 12 is awesome. He's gorgeous and has great hair. Surfer hair!

I'm voting the pro surfer, that will get him on all the coolest beaches, lots of traveling too.

Your last year before he's a teenager. Mine too.

Anonymous said...

I see celebrity chef (a dark haired and more handsome Jamie Oliver). Hope you had a rocking day Jake!


Auntie Lisa

Jason, as himself said...

#12 is my favorite. What a great kid.