Monday, October 13, 2008

Wanted: One PDA

Is it possible to be sliding into dementia at the young youngish age of 39?

In the past week alone I have shown up late for a doctor's appointment (I forgot about it), missed Jack's parent-teacher conference because I got the time wrong and this morning... well, let me tell you about this morning.

The back story would be a very friendly email I received from a new friend asking if I was interested in working the morning shift at the school book fair with her... now I love me some Book Fair and so of course I was all, "I'm in!"

And I opened up my date book and jotted down: Book Fair, 8:30, 10/13.

Oh my LORD there are so many things wrong with that little notation I cannot begin to tell you...

Let's start with the timing issue: I wrote down 8:30. 8:30? Not quite.

Jake and EvaJun are both under the weather and so my plan was to let Jack sleep in a teeny bit and then he and I would roll into school refreshed and ready to go.

Over an early cup of coffee I opened up my email and decided to double check where we were meeting... library or gym?

Imagine my shock to read, at 7:10 that I needed to be there at 7:30.


I jump out of bed and throw on jeans and sweater and go tearing down the hall hollering for Jack to wake up! We've gotta jump!

As poor Jack fumbles around for socks and shorts, I toss a breakfast burrito in the microwave... we are out the door at 7:25.

We are awesome!

At this point I figure I will only be about 5 minutes late... cool beans.

Jack and I park and as we are walking I suggest that he come in with me and I'll get him a voucher for $10... and so in we walk, and Hello.

Cue chirping crickets.

Where are the dozens of unopened boxes? The posters? The baskets to tote treasures?

Well, I guess they are not here yet because the goddamn book fair doesn't start until November and yes, I am indeed on the schedule to volunteer for 11/13 at 7:30.

It's amazing I even got the fact that it was the Book Fair correct.

Help me, Internets. Help me organize my life... I have a diary, but clearly that isn't cutting the mustard.


furiousBall said...

you know i read the title and at first, i was like, "well shit, my shower web cam shows are until Thursday nights, but for Kristin, ok I'll give her some PDA"

then i read it.

Grandma J said...

I set my cell phone alarm for everything, I have to because my dymentia is way noticable to me and maybe others.
The only drawback is I can't figure out why it goes off at 2:20 a.m. EVERY DAY! Someone is playing with me.

As far as the Book Fair...better early than late.

Catholic Runner said...

I wish I could help. At the ripe age of 41 I have more senior moments than I care to admit. I do love me some blackberry though, but you have to look at the calendar for it to actually be useful.

Kristin said...

Van - Fortunately, I am free on Thursday nights... which now clearly promise to be more interesting.

Grandma J. - The cell phone alarm is a good suggestion... I'll just try to avoid that 2 a.m. nonsense!

Catholic Runner - See? I would probably just forget to look at the calendar... what I need is someone to follow me around and tell me what to do - like my mother.

Chris O said...

Forget the PDA, just one more thing to lose, enter incorrectly and curse about. Tell your best friend that she is responsible for keeping track of your appointments and that your friendship is dependent on her abilities.

Pass the buck is always my solution.

Jill said...

Maybe cut down on the drinking while accepting appointment and assignments is the only thing I can think of!

Kristin said...

Chris O. - AWESOME!

Jill - well, that's no fun! How will I keep my Mad Men fantasies alive if I can't keep a cocktail rocking at all hours of the day?

dgm said...

Just think of it as rehearsal for November 13. :-)

Jack-on-the-Lake said...

I do that and I now have to confirm everything the day before to make sure all is well. It works for the most part and has warded off some "wrong place/wrong time moments for poor me"

furiousBall said...

kristin - i'll even let you pick out the codpiece

Anonymous said...

That sounds just like something I would do. Damn it all. Let's just call this little incident a "dry run." See how prepared & on top of it you are? How many of us can say we've executed a Book Fair drill? OK, I'll shut up now. Love you!

Issas Crazy World said...

That would be a sign to me to go home and go back to bed.

Heck I didn't even know today was a holiday and was dumb enough to try and go to the bank and the post office.

Kristin said...

Denise - Yeah, um... I was doing a dry run... that's the ticket!

Jack On The Lake - Seriously, I may just need to start doing that... these "senior moments" are getting too common.

Van - Leather?

Nino - You and Denise... not only saving me but making me look clever!

Issa - I only knew because the Internet told me so!

Tori said...

You need a Sven who drives around your house in a golf cart shouting instructions...

And if you can't find a Swedish helper (I don't know if they have them at Ikea yet...) then it may be the Crackberry for you...

Kristin said...

Tor - Sven! OMG, I forgot how much I love those commercials (I can't even remember what the product was... laundry soap? Light bulbs?) But Sven, well he makes my heart sing!

Pollyanna said...

Okay. This is TOOO funny. Only because last month I showed up at my very first ever PTA meeting on the wrong stupid day! I was a day late and the librian thought I was on crack. Can you imagine? Connor assured me this is what happens when you hit your 40's, only I'm only 38. *sigh*

Imagine how well prepared you are going to be for the REAL book fair. You are such a good volunteer you showed up way EARLY to work that baby. Not many people can say that!

Crouching Mother Hidden Diva said...

As I'm sure you can imagine, I admire and applaud your Book Fair promptness (a month early, it's a new record).

Ergo, you can also imagine, I'm sure, the angsty roil I was beginning to feel when I read you had to get from your house to school in 5 minutes flat. An impossible feat!

Glad to see my diabolical earliness is rubbing off on you.

jennie said...

you know that being off by an hour and a month for the book fair is reassuring to other mothers, right?

Stephanie said...

We had our book fair today - maybe you should have hopped a plane to New Jersey instead?