Monday, October 13, 2008

And Now A Word From Jack

Hugh and I are pretty open with our kids about what is happening in the world and in particular, with this election... we've watched the debates with them, talked endlessly about the issues facing us and our country and they have been subjected to my screeching, "LISTEN TO THIS!" as I read aloud from The Huffington Post or Andrew Sullivan, more times than I care to admit.

Clearly we are a household in support of Barak Obama. However, one of the things we have tried very hard to do with our kids is explain why.

Now, Hugh is a registered Republican and there have been, let's call them "lively discussions" in our home over the years, so our kids hear both sides of the coin... they are well versed in the fundamental differences of the 2 parties.

And it appears that many of their friends are as well... the election is the big topic at school... it's being talked about on the playground as well as in the classroom and the teachers, so far, have been encouraging the children to talk about the issues and what they have heard each candidates' posistion is on them... they've looked up answers on websites and blogs and have attempted to help the kids move from simply parrotting what they have heard at home towards clear opinions.

Today, in the car on the way home from school Jack was bursting with election chatter; he finally said to me, "Mom, I wish I could go on a show or something because I just have so much to say about this!"

I offered him my blog as a forum.

And so, without further ado, I am handing over the laptop to the 10 year old. All words from here are his with a little help from spell-check.

During the last debate I saw on TV I noticed that McCain only said bad things about Obama and hardly any good reasons why you should vote for him (McCain).

I am not sure about you but I wouldn't want an average "hockey mom" like Sarah Palin as our Vice President. She says it like it's a good thing, but it doesn't sound like she knows enough to lead.

I am sure some of you have different ideas about the election but for me this is probably the most memorable and important election I will experience.

If I won President in this election I would try to make gas prices and tax payments not low but average, and I think Obama will work on doing that too.

If Obama wins I think he might just take our troops out of Iraq in a slow but efficient way.

McCain and Sarah Palin are both telling lies and not the whole truth about anything. I don't like liars in real life so I don't think a liar should be the president of the United States.

I don't think McCain is a Maverick because he doesn't do anything differently. He is just like George Bush.

I think your Mama should vote for Obama!

edited to add -

Knock Knock

Who's There?


Alaska, who?

Alaska if she can see Russia from her house!


Jill said...

You, Jack, are wise beyond your years. And your mama should be very proud!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jack,

You are an amazing young man and one day will be a very informed voter!

In about seven years, I want you to give serious consideration to attending the University of Virginia, which is just a few minutes away from me (and therefore your mom will have to visit me) and has highly-ranked history, government and foreign affairs, and law programs.

Keep up the good work.

Your mom's friend Jen

Tori said...

Dear Jack

You rock! I totally agree with you.

Stop by mom's blog again soon. It's great to have you here.

Love the Knock Knock!


Kristin said...

Jill - I am proud of the child, especially as he is paying attention!!

Jen - I think we can work something out...

Tor - You know that's a Jack-special right? Those corny knock-knocks...

A Beautiful Mess said...

Out of the mouth of babes!

I am going to have to link to this post!

very funny knock knock:)

Los said...


I have learned not to trust ANY politicians ... it's sad how jaded I've become.

Anonymous said...

I am a McCain supporter but I commend you on your well formed opinions and your interest in politics!

Crouching Mother Hidden Diva said...


furiousBall said...

Atta boy Jack. You know what time it is, Flavor Flav would totally give you a clock.

Anonymous said...

Great knock knock joke, Jack!

mimi's mommy said...

I love Jack!!! What a smart guy. Average prices for average people. Brilliant!!! Vote for Jack 2038!!


Michelle said...

That was very well thought out and written. I agree with most of what you said. I think it is great that you are taking an interest in what is going on in our country right now.

And I love the knock knock joke-very funny!

Marisa said...

What I like about this post, Jack, is hearing that you and your friends are talking about politics and the issues that affect your families.

Keep up this level of enthusiasm!

Issas Crazy World said...

First, I find it awesome that kids are discussing politics. Maya is as well. She's not quite seven, but understands more than most people would give her credit for. Second, Jack you did an amazing job putting your points out for the world to see. I fully agree with you on each of them and I only wish you were old enough to vote.

Third, am laughing my butt of at that joke.

Anonymous said...

This is so great! He is a lovely, brilliant young man.

The kids over here and really into the election too. Good thing!

M3 said...

Jack, you rock! And you've paid more attention to this election than some adults I know. Love this post, can we see another guest post from you some time?

Anonymous said...

Well done, Jack! You're probably more informed and well spoken about your views than 1/2 the registered voters out there!

Love the Palin joke, too!
Aunt Becky

Chrissie said...

You go, Jack! I am most impressed and agree whole-heartedly with everything you wrote.

Three cheers for Jack!

(Kristen - maybe you should do a blog post opening it up to your readers and give Jack other topics to write about? :-)

Kayce said...

Jack you rock!!!

Tori said...

Wow. histeracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i might have to copy you on my moms blog.But you forgot to say she has a dauthter thats eggo is preggo.(at 17 or 16) wtf (what the fudge). she should take care of her dautgher.
Her vocabulary mavric blank um ah my son is speacial needs who cares!stop using your son in the alaction. your friend lo (8)

Tori said...

hey jack,
You know I agree only Obama will understand to reach out to middleclass= people struggling with taxes and gas and the poor=hobos I feel that our bailout was lucky that it passed I do not wan't anymore things to happen like that you know as I wake up and get dressed I watch CNN aka the the # 1 news staion in the u.s. Now after and a little before Rob Marciano's Weather forcasts on "tropical storms" I am sitting as if hipmitized watching about the taxes and gas and blah blahblah etc. I really think Obamas the one he is wise kind awsome and well....YOUNG! you know J McBush is old... OLD! I cannot belive it! so anyone who had the time to read this..the perspective of a ten year old well thank you!
your friend Meemo

Anonymous said...

xHi Jack,

Nice job! I am so glad that there are young men like you who care about our country and who have thoughtful opinions to share. Go Obama!


Aunty Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack,

Ask your mom, dad and teachers what SOCIALISM is -- because that's what type of government we'll be under if B.O. wins.

I don't like McCain much, but I would really HATE to see the USA under a SOCIALIST government. That's too scary to consider.

I'm serious about asking that question of your parents, by the way. You seem like a smart kid and have some pretty good arguments, but you don't have all of the facts. Keep asking questions and don't settle for political speak that any of the candidates are spouting. But you need to know that SOCIALISM doesn't work and would NOT be good for America.

Kelly, a concerned American who doesn't like either of our choices for President, but will hold my nose and vote for McCain -- because the other option is just not right.

Kristin said...


My son, as is the rest of our family, very well informed.

Thank you for your input.

sheila said...

Just found your blog. How awesome that your son is following the election! My kids are all in there teens and follow intensely.

We also don't sugar coat anything with our kids. Which sometimes is a little rough. But we feel it's better to be honest then not.

Nice blog, I'm gonna go keep reading

sheila said...

opps, BTW, we're all for Obama here too. Me, my husband and my 'voting for the first time' daughter