Wednesday, November 07, 2007

All Twittered Out - The Wrap Up

Dear Lord in Heaven you are saying to yourself, the woman is still prattling on about cars!

Well, yes, I am. I am prattling on and on because I need to wrap. This. Up.

So, where did I leave off? Ah, yes... the drunken pregnant bride to be in the semi-gay bar.

Good times.

After snagging a cab recently vacated by 3 cast members of Hairspray (the play, not the movie) I made my way back to my big and gorgeous and totally free of children room at the Westin where I proceeded to collapse on the bed only to jump right back up and hit the shower after getting a whiff of my smoke infused hair. Goodbye Awaphui, hello Marlborough... smoking. Alive and well in the South.

Breakfast was a gentle affair full of hushed tones and please pass the Advil. Yes, it was a late night for all out on Beale.

And then on to 150 miles through Mississippi! Which was seriously? Like the most fun ever!

I drove with Marc, (click his link for a "real" review) a true autophile (is there such a word? if so does it mean lover of cars?) which was fantastic because I drive like a mother of 3 and he drives like a bat out of hell. Over the river and through the backwoods of Northern MS. Past bars welcoming both us and our horses and hogs and past towns called "Cockrun" and past a few squinty eyed sheriffs...

As for the ride? I liked it. I drive a HUGE car with a V8, so I wasn't, to be honest, expecting too much in the way of performance... also, performance? Please. I am so not a car person. But I decided that this was my big opportunity to not drive like a little old lady and let's just say that the all the cars, including the Hybrid, were responsive and felt solid on those 2 lane back roads.

The interior was cool with a 2 tone leather option and there was plenty of room for my legs (which are not freakishly long but are long enough) and the back, where I sat and laughed my ass off with Kristen, had room for both of us (but would probably be a little tight with more than 1 car seat) and a sunroof which is always pretty but a little loud (which made it hard to hear Kelly), not to mention XM radio - hello UPop!

The bottom line? I am not the demographic the Malibu is marketed to; I am not a commuter and I don't have a small family... but I feel confident in recommending it to my mother in law and anyone else I know who is in the market for the proverbial mid-size car... it's safe, the hybrid, while just a mini-savings on the gas (about 2 mpg) is quiet and does contribute to overall reduction in noise pollution and emissions, and the LTZ is as good looking a car, inside and out as you are going to find... so, what the hell are you waiting for? Call Chevy and test drive one for yourself.


Ray said...
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Daniella said...

Thanks for the review - sounds like a lot fun as well. I too drive a big ol' tank (just got rid of my beloved Jeep Wrangler) plastic sides just didn't feel safe with my son in the back. Oh well, but this car would be perfect for my mom - passing on the info!n

Anonymous said...

Thank god they improved it because my girlfriend drives a Malibu that is a couple of years old and is ugly as sin!

furiousBall said...

There's just no beating the smooth delivery of power from a V8. My parents had Caddy at one point and it was the sweetest ride ever. Not great on the gas of course, but man, the ride was nice.

Anonymous said...

GD Blogger hates me and won't let me sign in. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I want to travel with you, party girl!

Eastcoaster Momma

Damselfly said...

"The drunken pregnant bride to be in the semi-gay bar." You live the life! Driving with a man like a bat out of hell!

carrie said...

I'm kind of stuck on the fact that there is a town called "Cockrun".

Sounds like a great car, if, like you said, you meet the demographic!

And yes -- coffee, cocktails, whatever in May when your brother gets married! Just keep in touch! :)

Kristin said...

Yeah, seriously "Cockrun". There were also dogs asleep in the middle of the road (more than once) and also, people, just standing in the road having a chat or ambling off to somewhere... rural Mississippi - pretty cool.

Tori said...

I wanted to go on the trip!

I wanted to go on the trip!

S'not fair...!

Next time you take me - Bitch!

You know my mouth is bigger than Mississippi or ippississiM so I could sure get the word out about how fabbo the car is!!!!

Also - shall we retire to Cockrun - when of course our Laguna cock runs out? It's a thought! I like the thought of you and I standing in the middle of the road NOT getting run over!!!!! It would be a first!

Marc said...

You forgot to mention the random people that were walking in the middle of the street that we almost hit...the disgusting outhouse that I almost threw up in...the cab driver that we thought was going to kill us...and the mommy blogger who spilled red wine all over my shirt by head butting her glass. :)

Kristin said...

Marc - How could I forget the potential homicidal cabbie?! I guess he was balanced out by the nice one who hunted you down to return your pass!

& how did that shirt come out btw? I am guessing it's a disaster and really, she should have just cut you a check then and there...

Elizabeth said...

Did you use the bathroom at the first stop, the one at the lake? It was a "composting toilet"-um, ewwww. I also almost ran over a guy walking a dog down the middle of the road, and that was while I had Gary, the Vehicle Line Manager/slash/VICE PRESIDENT in my car. He praised my "evasive driving technique"-ha!

I just have to ask you to make one teensy edit to your post-we were driving in Mississippi, which is abbreviated as MS. You wrote MI, which is where I live-Michigan!

Gave you an award, too :)

Marc said...

haha! I taped into my inner "mommy blogger" and worked my magic to make the stain come out. Actually I bought that oxiclean stuff and it came right out. You should do a review of that stuff...its awesome. haha. but yes...i can't believe she didnt even say sorry or offer to pay for my "not cheap" shirt.