Sunday, April 29, 2007

Eva Las NYC - or - 53 Hours In The Big Apple

Let's see... we arrived at 6:30 am Friday morning and left at 11:30 am on Sunday reminding me that wow... big fun can be had in short amount of time.

We went for a baby shower... not only to fete the momma-to-be, one of my dearest friends, but also to get to know her hot new hubby (a man who was able to make me laugh so hard I had to skibble away from the table lest I choke up a piece of artichoke all over the place settings which had just been replaced due to Eva's unintentional upending of all the water goblets.) and introduce everyone to the rather fabulous EvaJun.

BTW, I think, after eating at the sublime Blossom I could become vegan (if their chef would move into my kitchen)... do you live in NY? Or NJ? Or driving distance to Manhattan? Go and eat there... tell them I sent you. They won't know who the hell I am, but are very nice and polite and will probably pretend that yes, I am greatly important to their well being.

Also, Billy's Bakery is located (conveniently!) across the street... after a vegan meal you surely deserve a cupcake.

AND, another btw, Annemarie's building has VALET PARKING. I am sorry, but that is just the best damn thing ever.... my whole life would change for the better if I had daily valet parking... it's. so. so. fabulous!

In the cab... happily unaware of just how close our angry cabbie (who ranted continuously about his desire to return to Nigeria) had come to running us into the back of various and sundry vehicles.

And shut up. Cabs are exempt from car seat regulations... but, I was a little nervous.