Monday, November 06, 2006

We Have A Winner

It made me sick
To try and pick
Just one winner...
But 22 would be a no-no
So Hugh read through and he chose

Which is excellent because Dodo, I believe, is a new reader/commenter here at Eva Las Vegas and quite frankly, I am thinking this binds her to me for life.

Thanks to all the participants... they were all so fun to read and frankly, I am impressed. If I had come across someone's blog entry asking me to write a poem, I would have been wondering just how much glue they had been sniffing...

You should all be feeling very smug and clever and limerick-y. To keep up this feeling of well being and superiority, I suggest that you head on over and read my post at Mamarazzi... trust me, it provides quite the ego stroke.