Saturday, January 07, 2006

With Love, X

First, to, anonymous, anonymous, and cranky anonymous; why the mystery? I realize that the "anonymous" option is there, but it was left more as a posting tool for people like my mother... you know, who could comment without an account and then SIGN THEIR NAME.

Are you in a secret club? Do you have a secret handshake and password? Is the password, "anonymous"?

Oh well, I actually appreciate the fact that you take the time to read what I have written and you then find yourselves motivated enough to write something back... I just wish you would sign your name! You know, the joke could be on me and you could sign FAKE names... oh, ho, ho... that would get me good!

Yours In Secrecy,



collene said...

Kristen, My Love --

What scares me about investing more than a burp of emotion for anything-Lindsay is that you might be a person who thinks that horrible "Gastineau" woman; Lisa Gastineau, who is the mom on E!'s Gastanau Girls is a role model for women over 40!!! Tell me this isn't true Kristen!!! I beg of you!!!

Lindsay is a modern day empty celebrity who likes to project that she's an actress. read: A lucky-ass girl who just happened upon a good thing with Disney and brings no merit beyond box office bux' to her films.

Along with Paris and Nicole and Bratz dolls these people have no achievment to match the fame. It's a scary era when one can look back to Carmen Electra as in comparison as someone who has a viable career beyond picture popping celebritydom.

Now that being said, I can't look away from the trauma dramas of the empty gals and only hope that Nicole and Paris patch things up before Paris' next porn...and you just know one is comin'!!!

Keep commenting on the pop culture junk food!!!! Love!!!!!

Your pal, your friend, your fan, Collene Kennedy...see, no anonymity for moi'!!!

Damn, I wish there was a spell check on this blog thing!!!!!

Holly said...

The stealth posters are all part of the Pat Robertson fan club. It's a plot to take over the world, I'm convinced.

I'm still waiting for some on mine, too.

Can't stand the whiney popstar princesses myself...

er, I mean

Anonymous said...

If you do not want people to post with the anonymous identity then you should remove it.

Kristin said...

Ok, Anonymous, you are a big geek and I am sure you are a HATER but I am not going to remove an option just to shut you up. There seem to be a couple of nice "Anonymous-es" (?) out there and I am pleased as punch to have them and I welcome all their comments.. you, however, are the annoying and getting on my last nerve Anonymous and I hope that every single day I post something that pisses you off.


Tori said...

hey Kristen....
Anonymous thinks that you were actually saying that bulimia was funny! I read and re-read and what you wrote and really that was not the jist. There ain't nothing funny about those diseases.... thank you anonymous for sharing that with us adults...
The thing that is what heinous corpotations like Disney and our society does to lovely little girls...