Monday, January 09, 2006

Um... what?!

ACTUAL conversation ~

Mother: Your children are so patient with you.

Me: Yes, they ar... hello? My children are patient with me? Don't you mean that I am patient with them?

Mother: No. Kristin, you really are very complicated.

Me: Clearly, I am not hearing this correctly. Let me just clarify: You think that the kids are patient with me because I am
very complicated?

Mother: (laughing) Well, yes. You always have been.

Me: I obviously totally suck.

Mother: Well, don't worry. You have met your match in Eva.

I now try to bribe Eva into shooting eye-hate daggers in my mother's direction by promising to buy her a pony... it doesn't work and Eva goes all cute and warmy-kins with the enemy.


Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha! That sounds like a conversation I would have with my mother!
Love your Blog,
Kathryn M.

Anonymous said...

Mothers. You gotta love 'em!