Friday, December 16, 2005


Unlike Tookie, I have received a stay of blogger execution.

The lovely Hugh is just a tad, shall we say, behind the times when it comes to the information highway as well as any and all things which include the words, digital, mp3, or USB, in their descriptive titles. This tendency all leads to paranoia... this is a man who does not make ATM deposits, pay bills on-line or understand the concept behind a Yahoo Group... however, he is very clever in other areas so I try to not force the tech-world of '05 down his throat... he would just bolt and run. So, the behind the times Hugh was fearful of the mass murdering psychopaths that would surely begin beating a path to our house once they read about Eva's carousel ride... I very dutifully (because I don't bother to fight City Hall & I enjoy big dramatic gestures) sent an email out to everyone in my address book to say, "Never mind... blog being deleted", only to look the fool when dear hubby professed to "getting" the whole "blog" thing and being "on-board" (and yes, he really does talk like that)...

So, I am back after never really having been gone.

Here is a picture of me and Eva gloating.


crouching mother hidden diva said...

Chugh is the new hybrid of Chad & Hugh because, despite their age difference, I truly believe they were seperated at birth. I hardly missed you, J

Stacey Teague said...

Thanks for the comment! I love finding new blogs! For videos, it's SOOOOO easy and free. Go to and sign up (for free). You can upload so many 2 minute or less video's a month!!

P/S Your family is adorable!

Kristin said...
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