Monday, April 17, 2006

Tagging - It's a Team Sport...

Lord, more information about me! Me, me, me... glorious me! Please. This time, instead of boring you to tears with random information, here are, thanks to Stephanie & Stephanie, six weird things you didn't want or need to know...

1. I have horrendous sleeping habits. I tend to wake around 4 am and I putter around the house or read until about 6... then I go back to sleep for an hour.

2. I used to have a list of unsuitable men to date (my boss, my teacher, etc...)with the idea that I should, at some point, date each type.

3. I hate to leave the house. If I had my way, none of my family would... I take on a myriad of responsibility to be certain that I am forced to get out and interact with real people on a daily basis.

4. I have had open heart surgery. In 2003 I had my aortic valve replaced (I now tick like a Swatch-watch) and an aneurysm removed.

5. Last summer I taught my 9 year old to make a perfect Cuba Libre... also, a vodka tonic.

6. In college I worked as a Life Studies Model. Hey! It paid $50 for 45 minutes of work and I was aware that really, at 20, your body is about as good as it is going to be so why not stand around naked while people draw you?

* Bonus Info: I have a tattoo and here is the recipe for Balboa Jack's chicken salad:

boneless skinless chicken breasts (free range is yummiest)
cajun seasoning (I use Paul Prudhomme)
black pepper
celery (chopped)
scallions (chopped)
golden raisins (handfulls)

using a heavy hand coat the chicken with the cajun seasoning and black pepper
when cool, chop up and add other ingredients
add more cajun spice
don't skimp on the mayo
let sit overnight
pig out

So, there you have it... and now, you must take your turn...and don't be all, "Oh, I'm not doing this because no one cares about a MEME" because you are totally interesting and I WANT TO KNOW more about you.

Margaret of Peanut Pants
Kim of Ruby is Coming
Jenn of Crouching Mother Hidden Diva
Jodie Ho Ho of San Diego Siegels
Tori of Queen Victoria
Holly of Journey to Sarah Grace
Lisa of Niihaus

If you have already been tagged, I forgive you.

** Jen of Stay at Home Motherdom... my oven? The frillion dollar Viking? She is busted. Flat broke. Worthless piece of shit. However, I stand by my promise, and withing the next 3 to 5 weeks (the time I have been quoted to have the parts in to fix my damn oven) you will receive a Tupperware full of the damn chicken salad. Now, it's personal.


Anonymous said...

your evil. I only like you cause you have a kid from China, you know....

Lisa said...

When you say "frillion dollar Viking", I immediately think of My Foreigner. ;-)

That is so cool that you have a tattoo of Balboa Jack's Chicken Salad's good to keep it handy like that! (har-har)

I'll get on my 6 weird things in a few.

Kristin said...

OMG... need to edit.

i shall now think of the foreigner every time i light my fire...

Jodie said...

Oh, THANKS! Now everyone will hate me because I have to devulge how weird I am!

Jodie said...

The Chicken salad recipe sounds pretty good! I'll make some this week!

Stephanie said...

Open heart surgery, life studies model AND a recipe! You definately went above and beyond!

eastcoastermomma said...

Does the 9 year old work parties?

Naked modeling!? Kristen, you hussy!

Did you date any of the men off your list?

Kim M. said...

Thanks for the recipe. By the way the next time you are up around 4am give me a call. Oh but that would be 7 my time. Anyway I try to drink plenty of wine so I stay asleep. Oh gosh am I a drunk?

That's pretty amazing you've had heart surgery. I'm glad you are okay. I sure would miss my daily dose of Kristin because everyone knows we can't know enough about you (ha,ha,ha). Seriously that is interesting.

Margaret said...

Life Studies model, huh? Even at 20 I would have been booed out of the room.

jennster said...

LMFAO @ teaching the kid to make drinks! HAHHAA

Stephanie A. said...

"unsuitable men"- hilarious! I'm so glad I tagged you- that was some funny stuff I probably wouldn't have learned otherwise!

ciodude said...

Huh? You have the Balboa Jack's chicken salad recipe tattooed on you?

Kristin said...

nope - but not a bad idea!!! lisa was referring to my earlirer, pre-edit, syntax!

Jenn said...

What's the tatoo?

crouching mother hidden diva said...

Is this where I astound you with my personal curiosities and malformations?

1. I used to analyze and evaluate boyfriends with my very own "bus theory." During a relationship if I ever felt the easiest way out was for said boyfriend to be struck and killed by a bus -- then the relationship was O.V.E.R.

2. I'm a loner at heart and employ different personalities depending on the audience.

3. Despite the fact that my parents gave me a ridiculous amount of money to support myself in college, I considered stripping to make extra money.

4. I'm inherently lazy and harbor no desire to be a career gal. I love being home with the kids and dog.

5. I have never been "hit" on or asked out on a date. My husband says it's because I put out a "fuck off" vibe at bars, etc. Every realtionship I have had is because I facilitated the initial contact.

6. I know the names of everyone with whom my husband has ever shagged, but he doesn't know the identities of my partners.

There you have it....

northern stargirl said...

Nude modeling? I don't think I would have ever had the guts!

What happened that you needed the heart surgery?

Recovering Wino said...

I don't think I needed a "list" of unsuitable just seemed to fall in to place naturally.

And Mmmmmm....I will wait for my chicken and your excuses

Bobita said...

Very funny!

Unsuitable men...oh, the joy!

I must admit...I have often wondered, "what is it that makes a man "suitable?"

Still wondering...


J.D. said...

Wooo...thank goodness "JD from Musical Ramblings" wasn't on that list...