Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Hey, Hi! Remember me? I know! 3 posts last week and then, the silence. What went wrong you might ask? Does she no longer love us? Is she out busy buying replacement underwear? I tell you Internet, my life has been nothing but normal for upwards of 5 days and I say that with all apologies to the folks who Google "swingers/panties/prank calls" and then end up at this blog.

The children? Cute, good, blah blah blah. This afternoon is the "Momma gets Jewelry" ceremony and I am sure there will be much love and probably the tears. Eva is not invited as she tends to steal the attention (quite rightly) anywhere we go and today needs to be all about Jack. Jake however is welcome because he, in Jack's words, "can take the pictures." Heh.

The husband? Older for starters! The lovely Hugh turned 37 last week and we had a very nice little party for him where everyone behaved themselves and I almost forgot about the cupcakes thanks Chad for reminding me and the children (all 15 of them) swam and got along. Also, thanks to everyone for the whole, "Let's encourage alcoholism" gift thing... 5 bottles of rum? Including that giant Costco sized number? Please come to our house for drinks. Rum drinks. We can watch HBO over Cuba Libres.

Hugh actually may have turned 300. I am therefore 299. When we got so old I don't know, but I do know that on Saturday night we were angered by the cursing and loud noises coming from in front of our house and that we went outside to see what the devil was happening and my goodness if we didn't whisper to each other that maybe we should call the police and all this riff-raff (Yes. Riff-Raff!!) was the result of that damn Mozambique and we are totally going to have to attend the next City Council meeting when they (Mozambique) ask for more parking and my LORD, these kids!

It was 9:30.

The house? See here for the kickass master bath tile (I know! We're surprised too! There was never any intention to re-tile the master bath... our buzzword is "jewelbox".) Floors? All going. People (and you know who you are. Yes! You!) keep whining at us to keep the living room floor but you know what? It's a floor. And not a floor to which we have a sentimental attachment. No one we know personally cut down some tree and slaved over it's honing and staining. If you want to buy it (Brazilian cherrywood), call me. Also, it's a floor. The new floor is stained a hue called, "Tobacco", and it makes us feel rakish and edgy.

Me? I am low profile. It rains about ever five minutes these days and all I want to do is curl up on my really uncomfortable couch and watch one of my 36 Hercule Poirot episodes on DVD.

Eva? Still afraid of feathers.

We're cute! We're normal!

Keeping a close eye out for those dirty birds and their scary feathers...


Thanks for all the song suggestions... I now have an excellent, dare I say motivating file of music to help me burn a calorie or two!


eastcoastermomma said...

Anonymous, what a lousy post! If you have really read through Kristen's archives you will see how often she posts about her kids! Just because she doesn't tell us about every little thing Eva or the boys do doesn't mean that she doesn't spend time with them!

I hate when people JUDGE!

Kristin said...


thanks for your defense, but i have gone ahead a deleted the comment from anonymous... it was mean and would only start a thread that i don't feel like following...

Northern Stargirl said...

Many thoughts-

I am curious about what the post said?

You had 15 children over on Friday night?

Want to hear about the jewelry.


northern Stargirl said...

I forgot to add - great photos of the kids! I love how they are all laughing in the first one and Eva Jun looks just gorgeous in the second.

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Awesome photo of the kidlets! I can't help but smile when I look at it. And MAN do I need a smile. If it rains any more here I think we'll replace the patio furniture with stylin' little rowboats. Might start a new trend, huh?

Kristin said...

Mary-Mia (btw: I love your name)

I am with you on the Crap Weather Let's Just Buy Boats thing.... we are all over the rain... a little rain, snuggly! Too much rain? Depressing!

Stephanie said...

5 bottles of rum, huh? Can I come over (I think I might need a drink or two)!

Mega Mom said...

I've called the police before. Jeez I can't believe I always forget that not TOO long ago I WAS the riff-raff.

I would LOVE to see you and Queen Victoria at BlogHer. Let me know!

Recovering Wino said...

Yes, I'd like a drink, too.

And yes, let's go to Vegas.

ciodude said...

Ahhh I remember being 37 once along time ago....

Congrats again to Jack (and to you) on the whole writing/deserving/jewelry thing.

Joannah said...

Your kids are beautiful! Great pictures.

And, yes I'm tired of the rain also. At school there is an increased need for my students to use the restroom as opposed to a dry day. They just have to get outside! All I want to do is stay home on the couch and drink tea. When is spring going to arrive in So Cal?

Lisa and Tate said...

I've been wondering about you.... I thought maybe got yourself jailed for leaving your MD's commando .... Glad you are back!!!!