Tuesday, December 13, 2005

1st Entry

Well, well, well... inspired by the amount of time I spend reading the blogs of others, I have decided that perhaps, I too, have something to say. Actually, I am pretty sure I have nothing to say, but, after all, wasn't Seinfeld a show about nothing??

About me: I am 36 (but have decided to start lying about that, so, for the record, I am now 34), married to the lovely and talented Hugh and the mother of 2 boys (I believe the PC adoption term is "home grown") and 1 girl who is from Guixi, Jiangxi, China. I live in Southern California in a small beach town which is currently all the rage with the Mtv set, and I am a stay at home mother... which is a total misnomer as the one thing I never am is home.

I have titled this blog after my younger son's nickname for our daughter. I had taken Jack. and his brother, Jake, (I know, I know, can you imagine I did that to myself??) out to dinner the night before my brother in law's wedding while my husband was out somewhere up to what I am pretty sure was no-good, and the boys asked me what we were going to name their sister... when I replied, "Well, we like the name 'Eva'", Jack sang very softly, "Eva, las Vegas...". She will be devestated when she learns the actual lyrics.

Today is an amazing day for our family as exactly one year ago today we adoped Eva. Yes, this time last year we ("we" being Hugh, myself, the boys and my mother) were all in the Civil Affairs office in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China and we were given this absolutley beautiful and perfect child. Our daughter. We are loosely talking about going back... I am not sure if it is nostalgia or an actual desire to have a 4th child... I suppose I should sort that one out before phoning up Holt.

Other exciting things about today: Jack was King Herrod in the 2nd grade Christmas play and Jake won a Barnes & Nobel gift card for having the highest number of "accelerated reader" points in his 3rd grade class... we are feeling flush with pride over the accomplishments of our progeny and will order take-away Chinese food tonight to celebrate their talents. ;-)

Ok, I have posted a photo of the little darlings, however, it has appeared 3 times... hmmm... I have no idea, nor really the inclination, to sort our how to remove the excess images, so please enjoy the trifecta of my children.


Dustin said...

What a hip kid that Jack is to even know the song "Viva Las Vegas". I do prefer the "Eva Las Vegas" version. I love your blog... I'm so glad you set it up! More pictures! We are having a turkey feast tonight for gotcha day. Thinking of all of you on this most auspicious of days-

Eileen said...

Nice to meet you Kristin! Saw your post about your blog on LCC. Come visit me sometime!

Michelle said...

Your children are beautiful. Welcome to Blog-land! We are paper-chasing right now for our first daughter from China, but things are kind on on hold for the holidays and a surgery I'm having. I love reading other people's blogs, and am glad to add yours to my list!

"M" said...

Hi! Great start to your blog. Lovely pic(tures). :) I'm Melissa and I'm adopting a little girl from China. I'm LID as of 10/31. You can check out my blog at babyheaton.blogspot.com.

FatcatPaulanne said...

I love the part about lying about your age. I've decided that is a good plan too!

Anonymous said...

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